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 As we walk the sacred paths of life, may we learn from our elders how close we must be to our Creator God, how much we belong to His Spirit of Life, and how much we must respect all that He has given in the name of love.  I pray we may bring one another closer to this each day ~ helping and guiding one another as we go.  In Christian love, Rain (Pastor Lin) 




O' Great Spirit

Whose voice I hear in the winds
And whose breath gives life To all the world

Hear me!

I am small and weak,
I need your strength and wisdom,

Let me walk in beauty
And make my eyes ever behold
The red and purple sunset.

Make my hands respect
The things you have made

And my ears sharp

To hear your voice

Make me wise
So I may see ever so clearly
The ways you have to teach me

Let me learn
The lessons you have hidden in every leaf and cloud
I seek your strength,

Not to be greater then my brother,
but to fight my greatest enemy...


Make me always ready to come to you
With clean hands

And straight eyes

So when life fades, as the fading sunset,
My spirit may come to you

Without shame.

Life has as many twists and turns as there
are species of animals throughout the world.
Remember we each have our strengths and our weakness,
and we need to be able to ask for guidence from time to time.

There is always someone ready to be of help if we only ask.

~~ author unknown ~~








By: LoneStarLady

I met a man of many colors
And a tear was upon his cheek.
"Old man" I ask, "why do you cry
With such an agonizing weep?"

"Oh child" this man he says to me,
"My heart is broken in so many ways
That I believe this day to end
Will find me out stretched and far within
The encompassing earth of sin."

I sat down beside this man
And asked him "do not cry.
For what you think is so bad
That life will pass you by?"

He looks at me with such sad eyes.
And weeps ever more.
He holds his hands out to me
And alas, I do see
The anguish of his heart.

For his hands were different colors
One is red and the other white,
A leg he unclothed for me
Was as yellow as could be
And his other leg as black as night.

"I am the father of the world.
In case you do not know.
And my children have grown apart
And fight among themselves.

For when they do not get along
My arms and legs and hands and feet
Destroys the very life of me.

My hands of red and white
Will not feed this face of night.
And my legs of black and yellow,
Will not stand beneath this body
And support my heart and soul.

For they argue far too much,
And now I have grown old.

So here I sit in this haven
Of unwelcomeness.
And when this day ends,
A father I will not be.
For my children of many nations
Have forgotten how to accompany me.










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I Want To Thank Little Grey Hourse from Mountain Woods   for allowing us to post this beautiful page she made for the Apopt An Elder Program. Thank you Little Grey House;  Blessings to you and your ministry, Pastor LIN




Adopt An Elder Program



I am hosting an adopt an elder program for the holidays with our local tribal elders at Tsali Care Center. This is our local tribal nursing home that my family and I are very involved in.
What the elders need is maybe a card or two for the holidays ... a care package or just something. DO NOT SEND CASH ... they have no where or way to spend it. They enjoy blankets, lotions, sugar free snacks or just a card to say hello, or Merry Christmas. You will be sending this directly to the elder that you adopt. There is no go between here. If you choose to do this, I will give you a first name and last initial of the elder you adopt. I can not give a full name due to confidentiality. You will send the item/items to the elder in care of Tsali Care. You may also choose a male or female if you wish. You will be given sizes, favorite colors, things they like to do and what they may enjoy or need.
If you are interested in doing this, please call my shop at (828)488-4445 and someone there can give information or you may leave a message if there is no answer and one of us will get back to you. You may also email me at . You may also call the activities director at Tsali Care at (828)497-6389 for information. Her name is Janice, tell her you are interested in the adopt an elder program.  If you choose to do this you will certainly be blessed. Some from the site here have actually been to Tsali Care with me or my family members and they can tell you what a blessing these folks are. (Cat and Snoopy ... I need your input here to back me up LOL)
I hope that you all will consider this with the holidays coming upon us. Some of the folks here have no one to come see them or to write to them. They would love to get something just to know someone cares. Also, if you have time, try to volunteer at your local nursing home ...... you will be glad you did. Trust me!
~ Runningbear
Thank you so much for the page .... also, feel free to repost this in any of the groups. I actually posted this in my own group first and I had mentioned Snoopy and Cat  .. they are 2 members of my own managment team who have come to visit Cherokee and I took them to the facility. Then when I reposted this for you all, I forgot to take out their names LOL. If you need to reword things to fit other groups feel free to. The more the merrier and between all of us, maybe we can make this program a sucess. I also have an update on this. I have spoken to the activities director and she said that if you do not want to ship things because of expense ... you may get a Wal-Mart gift certificate and send to her for your adopted elder and she will see that items they need is purchased. This also is a program that does not have to stop after the holidays are over. You can keep in contact with your elder all year long and have a lasting friendship. A few of the elders are fluent speakers in the Cherokee language and you can brush up on your Cherokee speaking skills. ~ RB
Tsali Care Center
10 Echota Church Rd.
Cherokee, NC 28719 




Native American Twelve Days of Christmas
author unknown

Gather round children and let us teach you a song that helps us to

remember the sacred things of our Grandfather and the reasons that He

came to walk our Land, clothed in Red Dirt. We are excited to learn the

things He accomplished for us, among us, and through us. We are most

excited that all the ways we have walked before now pointed us to this

moment, when we mere humans would be able to walk as sons of the

Most Holy One.

On the First day of Christmas, Grandfather gave to me.....  an Eagle

sitting on a cedar tree? (Remember children, the eagle climbs the

highest and takes our prayers to the High places, and the eagle is

Jesus, the One who was able also to climb to the heavenlies once and

for all, to take our prayers, He is the Intercessor for all men)

On the second day of Christmas, Grandfather gave to me ~ two wise owls

(remember children that the owls represent both death and sacred

messages from the Holy places and in this song they represent the Old

testament and the New both law that brought death and mercy that

brought life and spiritual wisdom)

On the third day of Christmas, Grandfather gave to me....  three sacred

drums (for the drums beat out the sound of our Mother Earth while we

pray to the Grandfather.. so as you hear them beat, remember we now

know that there is faith, hope and love in The Father, Son and the Holy


On the fourth day of Christmas, Grandfather gave to me.....  four talking

feathers (for the feathers remind us that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

were given the talking feather by the Grandfather Himself, to tell His

story to us all)

On the fifth day of Christmas, Grandfather gave to me.....  five prayer

ties (for we must remember that the law did not vanish and though we

live by grace, there is a law to be followed and we humbly submit to

that law, in offering our prayers to the Holy One)

On the sixth day of Christmas, Grandfather gave to me... six hawks a

laying (for we celebrate the creation of our mother earth, and thank

Him for giving us all life, through our prayers, often using the

feathers of this creature to smudge ourselves in preparation of that

prayer time)

On the seventh day of Christmas, Grandfather gave to me... seven stones

for sweat lodge (For we must remember the gifts of the Spirit are seven

fold, and we learn how to walk in these gifts through our fear and awe

of our God, we do this praying in our lodges)

On the eighth day of Christmas, Grandfather gave to me... eight great

buffalo (for we want to remember the beatitudes, the blessings Jesus

promised to come to His people, The buffalo represent His provision for

our health, our very existence, as did the blessings He invoked on the

people, the meek, those who weep, the poor? all people have provision

in Him)

On the ninth day of Christmas, Grandfather gave to me? nine precious

elders (for as we sit at the feet of our elders we hear how we can walk

in the fruits of the Holy Spirit, they have always taught these truths,

we just didn't know that they were the same truths taught by the

talking leaves the white men brought to us)

On the tenth day of Christmas, Grandfather gave to me... ten eagle

dancers (for our eagle dancers dance for the people, to protect the

people, to keep the people in wholeness, and wellness.. as the ten

commandments were also set to keep the people whole, to protect them

from their own evil thoughts.)

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Grandfather gave to me? eleven braids

of sweet grass ( for as we send the smell of sweet grass to the

heavenlies, it invites those of the realm of the Grandfather , to enter

into our world to help us? in this we remember the faithful eleven who

stood ready to help our Savior, ready to do His will and work.. so it

is with those we invite to help us, if sent by Jesus.)

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Grandfather gave to me? twelve

drummers singing (for the drums He gave on the third day can not help

us to pray if they do not have four drummers each to beat out the

heartbeat of the earth and its people to our God? and when natives are

on the drum, we call it singing, because it is much more than just


Merry Christmas to all my relations!








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