FAITH AND LIFE MINISTRIES is the 'umbrella' under which the co-founders, Pastor David McGee and Pastor Lin McGee minister locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

     We Support Our Troops! 

Please view the following slide show in honor of our Troops past and present!!






  • Full Pastoral Services Through JESUS My Lord and Savior Church
  • Retreats For Men, Women, Families, Youth, Churches, Faith Groups
  • Faith, Life, and/or Ministry Workships
  • Speaking Engagements For Your Meetings
  • Revivals - One Day, One Weekend, One Week, etc.
  • Weddings, Funerals, Adult Baptisms, Baby Dedications, Confirmations
  • Counseling - Personal, Couple, Family, Church
  • Bible Studies, Prayer Services, Praise Gatherings
  • Written Worship Materials, Study Materials, Devotions
  • Women's Ministries  /  Men's Ministries
  • TV Faith Ministry Programs
  • Troop, Veteran, and Military Family Care
  • Gold Star Family Counseling and Assistance
  • Piano / Organ and Other Music For Services and Events
  • Music, Dance, Flag, and Clown Ministries
  • World Wide Web International Internet Evangelism






    Faith and Life Ministries International  






    JESUS - My Lord and Savior - Church







    'Women of Ministry / Women of Faith'  INTERNATIONAL







      Men Walking With God International Ministries






    Precious Stars




    We appreciate the opportunity to minister to you in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Contact us: 
    • through any of the websites above 
  •  by contacting Pastor David at  
    • by contacting Pastor Lin at  
    • by calling 860-379-1298  
    • via snail mail at 111 Marshall St.  Winsted, CT 06098








    Faith and Life Ministries is an international evangelism networking ministry that brings 'faith' and 'life' together!!  We strive to help people connect their faith life and the everyday world in which they live in such a way that they will find peace, happiness, joy, and victory that is not based on circumstances but is based on their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

    We are a ministry team that stands ready and available for your traditional church needs, your personal faith needs, and other important areas of faith and life where you are seeking skilled workers in Christ's vineyard.  Have a need?  Let one of our pastors know....

    Pastor David            Pastor Lin





    If you are seeking faith fellowship and mission participation throught a church setting, please join the ministry with us at JESUS - My Lord and Savior - Church.  We serve local missions and serve on the Board of Directors for Pastoral and Children's Home ministries in India.  We also offer TV evengelism opportunities.  Our shows are broadcast from  local Cable Channel 13 in Winsted, CT and Channel 5 in Litchfield, CT.

    Faith and Life / Pastor Lin  Channel 13 - Sunday  7 pm & Tuesday 11 am

    Faith and Life / Pastor Lin  Channel 5 - Saturday 4 pm

    A Message From God / Pastor David   Channel 13 - Sunday 6:30 pm & Tuesday 10:30 am

    A Message From God / Pastor David  Channel 5 - Saturday 3:30 pm




    If you are a man seeking faith fellowship with other men, please visit Pastor David's men's ministry:  "Men Walking With God International Ministries".  Pastor David is an internationally known evangelist, ministry leader, and pastoral counselor.  If you are looking for men who walk the fundamental principles of their Christian faith as they journey through life, visit and join with Pastor David at Men Walking With God.




    If you are a woman seeking faith fellowship with other women, please visit Pastor Lin's women's ministry:  "Women of Ministry / Women of Faith' International"

    'Women of Ministry / Women of Faith' INTERNATIONAL is a faith based group of women who gather for learning, teaching, helping, supporting, and blessing one another.  We share our faith and our lives in the hope that we may each have a closer daily walk with Jesus Christ, Our Lord.  We invite you to become a part of our faith family -- all are welcome.

    You will find our main website here at the website you are on.  We also have a resource site on For Ministry, a calendar and announcement site on Yahoo, a women's witnessing site on Our Church, and a chat group for our members. 

    We are listed with a multitude of other Charistian ministries and websites.  We also hold ratings on Top Sites, hold membership in Christian Online Professional Groups, and are associated with various Christian Webrings.   

    Women of Ministry / Women of Faith' INTERNATIONAL  Is Rated With The Following Christian Top Sites

    • Women of Ministry / Women of Faith Topsites
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    Women of Ministry / Women of Faith' INTERNATIONAL  Is A Member of the Following Christian Online Professional Groups:

    • Women of Ministry / Women of Faith - Our Church
    • Women - N- Power International
    • Clergywomen
    • Executive Female Ministerial Alliance
    • Women's Ministry Network

    'Women of Ministry / Women of Faith' INTERNATIONAL  Is A Member Of The Following Webrings:

    • Women-N-Power Webring
    • Net Ministers Web Ring
    • For Jesus - The Christian Web Ring
    • In His Image Web Ring
    • The Bible Web Ring
    • Pastors 4 Jesus Web Ring
    • God Save America
    • The Christian Web Ring
    • Joyful Women on The Web
    • Christian Ministers Web Ring
    • Children of God WebRing
    • Epilepsy Support Group
    • Brain Injury
    • The Hope and Support Ring
    • Families with Special Needs Children
    • Jesus in the House
    • Live for Jesus
    • Youth For God
    • Puppyraiser and Service Dog Ring
    • Not Ashamed to Show the Love of Christ
    • WebRing for Proverbs 31 Women
    • Don't Blame the Victims
    • Christian Bible Study
    • Christian Outreach Webring
    • Empowering Caregivers
    • Hearts for Christ Webring
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    • Walking By Faith Web Ring
    • Surviving Abuse
    • Diabetes Survivers Web Ring
    • Children with Disabilities Webring
    • Survivors By Choice
    • The Christ Centered Homeschool WebRing
    • Living Light Homeschool Webring
    • Jesus Is Lord of My Life Webring
    • Women of The Word Webring
    • The Ring of Discipleship
    • Rock of Ages Ring
    • Our God Reigns WebRing
    • Art For Christ WebRing
    • Grandparents Web Ring
    • Ring of Grandparents
    • Firebrands Christian Clergy Women HQ
    • Sisters In Christ Webring




    If you are a member of the military, a veteran, a member of a troop/military/veteran family, or an individual who supports those who serve or have served in the US Armed Forces, visit Pastor Lin's Military/Veteran Ministry at Precious Stars to join in the mission.









    JESUS  --  My  Lord  and  Savior  --  Church

    Welcome to our church.  We are a group of Bible believing Christians who seek to live out our lives in relation to God, His Holy Word, and the mission and ministry He gives unto us.  We gather in a home church at the present time; we are seeking a larger sanctuary in which to meet.  Our ministries and missions include local, regional, national, and international aspects. 

    We invite you to worship and study with us, to participate in our mission and ministry, to join our faith family, to avail yourself of our ministerial services such as counseling; providing preaching or musical worship supply for your church or group, performing marriages, funerals, baptisms, dedications; and/or to retain us for revival, retreat, or worship/meeting/study programs. 

    Please visit the website above that Pastor David is developing for the church.  Please contact us at the church office: 860-379-1298 or by email or snail mail if we can be of service to you.   

    Blessings, Pastor Lin    

     'JESUS - My Lord and Savior - Church', located in Winsted, CT :    We are a Bible believing, faith based, Christ centered, spirit filled group of people who gather for the Lord!!  Please join us in mission, ministry, prayer, and fellowship!!


    Web Page:


    At: 'Women of Ministry / Women of Faith'   INTERNATIIOAL 





    Rev. Lin McGee       

    111 Marshall St.   Winsted, CT   06098       Phone 860-379-1298



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