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Manna Fellowship of New York  (Pastor Cheryl)   Sharing God's Manna with all nations  www.ourchurch.com/member/m/MannaFellowship/

Our Oasis Ministries  (Sister Karen M. Ball)  Our Oasis is a online ministry of encouragement for all people. However, the main focus is towards women and youth scarred from a life of sexual abuse, promiscuity, rejection, lonliness and feelings of abject failure. God had come through His son Jesus Christ to bring healing & deliverance to the broken hearted suffering in these ways. Our Oasis is just one forum that he utililizes in this capacity.  http://www.freewebs.com/karen_is_sistak/index.htm  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/our_oasis/



 Websites Of Women Who Serve In Ministry   

Sister Karen M. Ball   'Our Oasis Ministries'  http://www.freewebs.com/karen_is_sistak/index.htm http://groups.yahoo.com/group/our_oasis

Pastor Cheryl  'Manna Fellowship of New York'  www.ourchurch.com/member/m/MannaFellowship/        









Where Prophets Tread -

Praise the Lord , Im glad to be a part of this group and may the Lord bless you for you endevors...




Dancing For Him Ministries -


Heart of a friend -

♥ We hope this place will prove to be a powerful group for others to come and share about family.♥ We believe in 2 main things for our group..1)That blood may be thicker then water,But love is thicker then blood. 2)and in The power of prayer♥If you can be an active member and you two believe in what our 2 main believes are... please come visit us sometime and maybe even become a part of our little family here at ♥ Heart of a friend ♥


Addicted 2 Jesus -

We are a family group of believers in Jesus Christ. And we believe that only God can help us get through the storms that we go through.
 If you are Addicted to Jesus and would like to be a part of our little group,Feel free to join us here at...
Addicted 2 Jesus Today. and Remember
Blood may be thicker then water,Love may be thicker then blood,But love through the Lord is thicker then it all.
(F) Fully(R) Rely (O) On (G) God



Please visit: http://ulcsf.tripod.com/sf  


www.womenfaithculture.org -

The Foundation for Women of Faith in Culture recognizes how vitally important it is to remedy the break between the heart and the mind. Noting the largeness of the task, FWFC focuses on that part of the church central to the family and to society--the Christian woman, contributing to her spiritual maturation through biblical, theological, and worldview training.

"'You shall love the Lord your God will all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.' This is the great and foremost commandment. The second is like it, 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.'"

Matthew 22:37-39


TheProdigalsRetreat@groups.msn.com -

This is a group I made for people who have strayed from
their "First Love"......and who are seeking to find a way
back to Him. His prodigals who He loves dearly, and
yearns for them to return to Him.


http://jacfb.proboards39.com/index.cgi -

New Christian Fellowship board..


www.remnantofgod.org -

Prophecy according to scripture. Where the truth is provided


www.remnantofgod.org -

Prophecy according to scripture. Where the truth is provided




http://www.windintheword.com -

Wind in the Word Outeach Ministry
Thisis an Apostolic Website. An Outreach Ministry reaching the world with the Love of Christ Jesus. Come and enjoy!  Our Motto is:  We are the Church where Jesus is Lord all by Himself!
Pastor Prophetess Janet Newell


Heavenly Angels in Need -

HAIN reaching out to help babies in children in need all over America. We spread the love of the Lord through giving.



Web Page:


At: 'Women of Ministry / Women of Faith'   INTERNATIIOAL 





Rev. Lin McGee    Pastor.Lin.McGee@gmail.com       

111 Marshall St.   Winsted, CT   06098       Phone 860-379-1298



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On the websites of those I am affiliated with:

Patriot Guard Riders    www.PatriotGuard.org

Connecticut Patriot Guard Riders   www.ctpatriotguard.org 

Missing In America Project  www.MIAP.us

VA Voluntary Service  http://www.volunteer.va.gov/

Military Ministry  http://www.militaryministry.org/

Christian Military Fellowship  http://cmf.com/ 

Post #296 VFW Ladies Auxiliary   www.vfwpost296ladiesaux.com

Marine Corps League Auxiliary  http://mcldeptct.org/pages/mcl_ct_auxiliary.html

American Soldier Memorial Project http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AmericanSoldierMemorial

  No Soldier Left Behind  Memorial    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NoSoldierLeftBehindMemorial/


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JESUS My Lord and Savior Church www.JesusMyLordandSaviorChurch.com  

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