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Welcome to our church.  We are a group of Bible believing Christians who seek to live out our lives in relation to God, His Holy Word, and the mission and ministry He gives unto us.  We gather in a home church at the present time; we provide TV evangelism; we operate under the Constitution and By-Laws of our Mothers church, West Gulfport Baptism Church in Gulfport, MS.  Our ministries and missions include local, regional, national, and international aspects. 

We invite you to worship and study with us, to participate in our mission and ministry, to join our faith family, to avail yourself of our ministerial services such as counseling; providing preaching or musical worship supply for your church or group, performing marriages, funerals, baptisms, dedications; and/or to retain us for revival, retreat, or worship/meeting/study programs. 

Please visit the website above that Pastor David is developing for the church.  Please contact us at the church office: 860-379-1298 or by email or snail mail if we can be of service to you.   

Blessings, Pastor Lin   






We are in the process of establishing an online faith store.  Through this we are hoping to provide people with quality products which will help inspire them as they live out their life for Christ.  All items will be prayed over by both pastors and a personal Scripture will be attached for you before shipping. 

Look for the opening of this section of our ministry soon.  Please check back on this page for updates and information. 

We will also have a product listing with CafePress where you can purchase quality faith products with the 'Women of Ministry / Women of Faith' logo on it!!

At present, if you wish to have ANY special dates or rememberabces in your life marked by a beautiful wall hanging (speciality paper included - ready to frame) -- please let Pastor Lin know what theme paper you would like and what you would like written on it. 

Also presently offered:  "The Shawl Of Many Colors" Copyright (c) 2005 PastorLin.  All rights reserved. -- which is a varigated, multicolored prayer shawl to warm and bless you while you pray.  Please contact Pastor Lin ( for details on colors, sizes, and pricing.

Thank you so much!!  Blessings, Pastor Lin





(We hope you will use our other online announcement services on this page too!!)

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We Have Two Types Of Calendars For You To Use!

  • For those of you who would prefer to view and post to a calendar on in this site, CLICK HERE:
Free Calendar from Free Calendar from
You May Post Your Own Event On Our Calendar
-- or --
Send an email to Pastor Lin at 
Let us know your event and we will post it for you!!!  Let others see what you are doing in ministry so that they can join in!!  We are an international faith group and people from your area will be viewing our online calendar!!  Please also view the events listed -- I am sure there are some in your area that you would love to go to!!  Blessings, Pastor Lin


Any information that is given on this website is for sharing!!  That is the whole purpose of my ministry -- sharing, caring, and giving as the Lord would have me to do!!

I have gathered this information for you....   I have written this information for you....  I have studied this information for you....  I have always been a supporter of other's ministry efforts and needs.  I have also always been a supporter of other's ministry skills and talents.  Thus, please take and please use and please pass on all that you can from this website.

Also, please add to this ministry if you believe God would have you to do so!!  We can each empower one another in the building up of God's Kingdom by sharing our wisdom, knowledge, and life experiences!!

Do you have a ministry you would like to see here on 'Women of Ministry / Women of Faith'?  If you do, contact me at  and I will review the information you would like included. 

We would also appreciate being listed on your website if that is at all possible.  Please link to us using any of our ministry pictures found in the 'WOMWOF Ministry Tag' section with the hyperlink     --- or simply list us by Title and URL.ministrytags.dsp

Thank you so much -- and may the Lord Bless You!!!!!  Pastor Lin




I am creating a 'disclaimer' page, as I wish you to know that I am attempting to put this website together only for information, encouragement, and enjoyment.  I pray that you will each find something that is helpful to you in your life and in your faith walk. 

I have IN NO WAY created the pages, websites, poems, pictures, music, products, or information that I present to you here.  They are each something that I have found on the internet that has helped me in some way.  Each was created by someone else, and I have attempted at all times to give the credit to that person by leaving the pages 'intact' as I found them on the internet.  I believe that all credits are there -- and also the ways to access that person's additional pages, information, or website.  I also believe that all I offer here that I have found on the internet was designed by the 'author' to be shared with others as long as appropriate credit was given the originator, company, or organization.  I do not believe that I have 'taken' anything that belongs to anyone else.  Neither do I believe that I have presented anything that belongs to anyone else without giving them the proper 'credit'.  If you find that I have done either of these things -- or if you find that there is something that I should remove from this site for copyright reasons -- please let me know, and I shall remove it promptly!! 

My intention is to bring our attention to the marvelous work being done out there -- with this intent, I have also included a page of 'Websites To Enjoy' which will help you to access the originating site of most of the 'pages' I have included.  If I was able to find the originating site -- it is there. 

Also, though I have researched and studied each site before I have included it, and I believe each to be of fine quality and truth, I ask that I am not held personally responsibly for the information contained and presented in any of the websites.  Websites tend to change their content often and I will be unable to keep up with all of the specific changes of all of the sites.  PLEASE, if you find anything to be offensive, untrue, or inappropriate in any way (in relation to the purpose of this website), contact me and I will remove it immediately!! 

Also, I believe all who have 'joined' and are using this site, hold the best interest of us all in their heart.  I do not believe that anyone will be posting inappropriate or offensive things on the message boards -- neither do I believe that they will present inappropriate or offensive 'links' within the 'add your link' section.  I feel that we are all here to individually enjoy the site - to share information, hope, faith, and knowledge with one another - and to support one another in faith, fellowship, and friendship as we travel the road of life to Life.  If you find that anyone is posting inappropriately in relation to the purpose of this site (or speaking inappropriately in chat), please notify me if I have missed it and they will be asked to remove their information, to not continue their behavior, and/or to leave the site.  If they will not comply, then they will have to be banned from the site.    

And lastly, if you are attempting to use any part of the website 'Women of Ministry / Women of Faith' and are unable to do so, please contact me so that I can check out the links and make sure they are still active.  I have checked each link as I have added it, but sometimes things change and I will not be able to go back and check each link each day -- so please let me know if there is a problem and I will correct it immediately! 


Rev. Lin McGee    (website manager)



           Hi!! -- This is Lin and I am the originator and manager for this 'Women of Ministry / Women of Faith' website.  I  WELCOME  you and pray the Lord will bless you through this online faith group!!

    Originally, I began this website in the hope that the women of my Fellowship (The National Association of Congregational Christian Churches and the CT Fellowship of Congregational Christian Churches) would be better able to stay in touch with one another.  My thought was that we would have a web home to go to where we might come to know one another better, where we would have the opportunity to help one another with the things of life and faith, and where we would also be able to keep one another informed of the happenings within our local churches, our regional fellowships, and our national association.

     Praise God, this site has also become of interest to other women of faith -- and our web family is growing!!!  May we each find the hope we need for life and faith through the care we give one another here!!

     Too, we have been blessed with some faith-filled men who have come on board to post information from their churches and/or to write some very encouraging and inspirational devotions for us!!  They also kindly bring the information we offer back to the women in their congregations who do not have computers!!

      I am both grateful and thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to put this website together!!  I began and I continue my work here only to glorify His Holy Name!!

     I pray you will find information and inspiration on this website that will bring you strength in life, hope through fellowship, and power in your personal spiritual journey!!  I thank each person who worked so hard to put the pages together that I present to you here.  On each page I have attempted to include the information which gives the author or credit and which also will lead you to their main web page.  If you find I have put something in without proper credit, please let me know and I will remove it immediately.  I have no intention of taking anyone else's work -- only to be a vehicle through which they and their work might be brought to you.

     I am delighted that you have come to fellowship with us!!!!  ALL ARE WELCOME!!!!  Please join so that you can post, chat, and be active in the happenings of our site and one another's lives!!!  It is such a blessing to me that our interests have broadened (please do let me know of your interests -- post them, link them, or let me know (email me) and I will develop a page for them).  It is also a blessing to me that so many besides our fellowship women are bringing the blessing of who they are to our site!!  I thank God for each one of you!!


    WITH LOVE, Pastor Lin 





'Women of Ministry / Women of Faith'


A Place for Christian Women to 

share life, information, faith, and fun!!


   May you be encouraged,    

may you find comfort,

may you learn and teach,

pray and hope,

seek and know!!

Please 'join' and please post to this website; as you know, we all learn from one another!!!  It is my prayer that new things will be added each day!!!

   Join 'Women of Ministry / Women of Faith'   
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Many blessings to you and to all those you love!!

In faith, Rev.  Lin  McGee  (website manager)

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Please watch for my husband, Rev. David McGee, and me as we minister to the community through the local Cable networks, Channel  13 (Winsted and surrounding towns) and Channel 5 (Torrington and surrounding towns).


'JESUS - My Lord and Savior - Church'  presents: 

'A Message From God'

CHANNEL 13  -- Sundays 6:30 pm  &  Tuesdays 10:30 am

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'Women's Faith Time' 

CHANNEL 13  -- Sundays 7:00 pm  &  Tuesday 11:00 am

      CHANNEL 5   --  Saturdays 4:30 pm       


PLEASE JOIN US -- Of course there are also regular weekly meeting times at the  JESUS - My Lord and Savior - Church  when we come together for worship, praise, and study.  These weekly gatherings are held Sundays at 2:00 pm  & Wednesdays at 6:30 pm.  Please do join us -- (860-379-1298) -- ALL WELCOME!! 

Please Email Us at:

The Church --     

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~~ WOMEN ~~


Special, Unique, Understanding, Important, Individual, Caring, Spiritual, Loving, Intelligent, Worthy, Needed, Helpful, 'The Apple of God's Eye'!!! 


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BLESSINGS,   Pastor Lin

 Hello, My name is Rev. Lin McGee and I am the Founder and Pastoral Director of 'Women of Ministry / Women of Faith' INTERNATIONAL.  We are a faith based gathering of women who are seeking to live out our everyday lives in relation to our Scriptures.  We wish to be informed, inspired, and encouraged!!  We want to be in the know, find growth in all areas, and thrive as we live out our spiritual lives!!  In sharing we are blessed -- in faith we are one!!  Here you will find our resource pages. Please join us for fellowship on google:  

Group email:

 Welcome to 'Women of Ministry / Women of Faith' INTERNATIONAL!  On this site you will find many resources for Christian women as they live out their faith in their daily lives.  We welcome you, we praise your ministry and your walk with the Lord, we pray for your peace and your salvation!!


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Hello Friends!!  The following is an indexed list of the pages you will find at this site when the site is complete. 

I shall be working on adding pages and also adding information to existing pages each day.

Please use the website's left hand side bar to access presently existing pages -- or click on the page listings here which have the   sign before them.

For a full selection of our ministries and ministry websites,  please visit 'Women of Ministry / Women of Faith' International at:

Thank you so much!!  Enjoy the ministry!!




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